Turkish Gozleme Recipe

For the dough
2 cups all purpose flour
2 tbsp olive oil
1 /4 tsp salt
140 ml warm water

For the filling
400 g minced beef or any meat of your choice
1 tsp cumin
1 bell pepper chopped 
3 cloves garlic minced 
1 onion chopped 
Spring onion
1 tsp paprika 
1 tsp cayenne 
2 tbsp tomato paste
Cheese ( mozzarella/feta/cheddar/)

Make the dough
1. Combine all the ingredients then mix well.

2. Knead for 5 minutes and then cover with cling wrap and rest it for 20 minutes. 

For the filling 
1. In a pan heat the oil and saute the onion and garlic until aromatic and translucent. 

2. Pour in the minced beef and saute for 3 minutes, add the bell pepper and stir well then  cook for another 2 minutes.

3. Add in the remaining ingredients and stir well and cook for another 6 minutes.

4. Set aside and let it cool down.

To assemble 
1. Devide the dough into 4 equal parts.

2. Flatten the dough using a rolling pin around 10 inch each circle. 

3. Scoop the meat filling and put it in one side of the circle and then fold the other half over the top and seal the edges.

To cook
1. Heat oil in a skillet over medium high heat. 

2. Add in the gozleme and cook it until golden brown pressing it down so that all the edges and surface will have contact to the pan and make it crispy.

3. Cook each side for about 2 

 You can put any filling of your choice. 
Spinach and feta cheese
Spicy minced lamb
Ham and cheese

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